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Winter Wellness: Cold & Flu Season with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Winter is well and truly upon us and cold and flu season is in full swing!

beautiful melbourne streets and trees in winter

In winter, Chinese Medicine emphasises embracing rest and rejuvenation, and the importance of supporting the immune system to prevent the onset of any seasonal illnesses.

As the chilly winds of winter sweep through Melbourne, it's time to tap into the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to support our health and wellbeing.

This holistic approach can help us navigate the season, ward off cold and flu, and support our Kidney energy associated with the Winter season.

Boosting Immunity. According to Chinese medicine, prevention is paramount in staying healthy during winter. Building a robust immune system acts as a shield, protecting the body from easily picking up seasonal illnesses. By prioritising immune system support, we can enhance our body's ability to fight off infections and reduce the risk of falling ill.

Chinese Medicine cupping therapy

Attack cold and flu head on.

Chinese medicine offers a range of therapies aimed to bolster immunity and treat colds and flu. Cupping (pictured), Gua Sha (using a ceramic spoon and oil to gently scrape along skin), Acupuncture and Herbal medicine are commonly used approaches. Cupping and Gua Sha work along the bodies meridians, particularly the bladder channel on the back, to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and help expel cold and flu's from the body before they settle in and progress into something more serious or prolonged. Acupuncture stimulates specific points aimed to regulate energy flow and enhance the immune system. Herbal medicine offers natural remedies to strengthen immunity and treat common winter ailments.

Keep warm from head to toe. In Chinese medicine, keeping warm is vital during winter, especially when it comes to our extremities. The kidney element is associated with winter and dislikes cold and the soles of the feet are considered the starting point of the kidney meridian. So we want to be avoiding cold surfaces and always wear socks which will protect our kidney energy. Also, remember to avoid midriff tops as they can expose the lower back, which are home to the kidneys. By keeping both these areas warm and protected, we preserve our kidney energy and strengthen our resilience against external pathogens. If our immune system is weak we can easily catch colds through exposure to cold & wind so make sure you don't forget to cover up your necks on those windy Melbourne days. So throw on those ugg boots, winter woolies and scarves and keep wrapped up.

Permission to hibernate. Winter invites us to slow down, rest, and replenish our energy reserves. Just as nature enters a state of hibernation, we can benefit from embracing a slower pace and allowing ourselves ample time for rejuvenation. Take the opportunity to indulge in slow, cosy activities and gentle exercise which nourishes kidney yin.

Focus on consuming nourishing foods that support the kidneys. Some examples of warming and kidney supporting foods include herbs such as ginger and cinnamon, kidney beans, black beans, walnuts, black sesame seeds, slow cooked lamb or beef stew with lots of veggies, and hearty bone broth. These foods provide essential nutrients and help strengthen our health from within. Minimise the consumption of cold and raw foods this winter, as they can tax the digestive system and weaken the bodies energy levels.

By keeping warm, protecting our kidney energy, and embracing natural remedies like Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha and Herbal Medicine, we can work on boosting our immunity so our bodies can use their natural ability to ward off cold and flus more easily and promote our overall wellbeing.

Cupping & Gua sha is available in our Acupuncture + Cupping/Gua Sha consultations. Stay on top of your health this winter by booking your next Acupuncture appointment in Cheltenham here.


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