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Undo your day from your face with Gua Sha! 


Just like your body, your face has areas that tension needs to be released and areas that need lifting and toning. Gua Sha supports reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving the overall health and appearance of the skin.


Experience the ancient healing art of Gua Sha and a natural approach to supporting ageing skin. 


This facial massage technique helps leave your skin glowing and rejuvenated by:


  • Reducing muscle tension and invigorating energy
  • Enhancing blood & Qi circulation in the face encouraging a smoother and brighter complexion
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage
  • Sculpting, lifting and toning
  • A moment of self-care


Glow recommends the Glow Basic Gua Sha Tool to those new to Gua Sha to master the basics of Gua Sha. 


The theory behind using facial tools is based on the concept of meridians. Meridians are invisible pathways that connect different parts of the body. When the meridians are blocked, energy cannot flow freely, and this can lead to illness. Facial and body tools are used to massage the meridians and help to unblock them in their associated organ in the body, promoting healing.


Gua Sha Beauty Tool. Genuine Obsidian. Comes with a protective suede pouch.

    Glow Basic Gua Sha Tool

    • Items are shipped within 2-3 days of receiving order. 

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